GET api/MySurveys/generateAccessKey?accessKey={accessKey}

Generates a new access key. The old access key becomes invalid.

GET api/MySurveys/getActive?accessKey={accessKey}

Returns the list of active surveys.

GET api/MySurveys/getArchive?accessKey={accessKey}

Returns the list of archive surveys.

GET api/MySurveys/create?accessKey={accessKey}&name={name}

Create a new survey.

GET api/MySurveys/archive/{id}?accessKey={accessKey}

Archive the survey by it's id. All survey results will be still accessible. You have to delete a survey to remove the access to it's results.

GET api/MySurveys/restore/{id}?accessKey={accessKey}

Restore an archive survey by it's id.

GET api/MySurveys/delete/{id}?accessKey={accessKey}

Delete a survey by it's id. You will not be able to restore this survey. The survey results become inaccessible.

GET api/MySurveys/changeName/{id}?accessKey={accessKey}&name={name}

Change the survey name.

POST api/MySurveys/changeJson?accessKey={accessKey}

Change the survey json.

GET api/MySurveys/getIsPublished/{id}?accessKey={accessKey}

Retuns true if the survey is published.

GET api/MySurveys/publish/{id}?accessKey={accessKey}&generateNewId={generateNewId}

Publishing the survey on

GET api/MySurveys/unPublish/{id}?accessKey={accessKey}

Disable publishing the survey.

GET api/MySurveys/setUseCookies/{id}?accessKey={accessKey}&useCookies={useCookies}

Enable or disable using cookies of the publishing survey.

GET api/MySurveys/setGenerationJSONType?accessKey={accessKey}&generateValidJSON={generateValidJSON}

No documentation available.

GET api/MySurveys/getIsResultPublic/{id}?accessKey={accessKey}

Retuns true if the survey results could be viewed via direct link by a non autorized user, and false if could not.

GET api/MySurveys/makeResultPublic/{id}?accessKey={accessKey}&makeResultPublic={makeResultPublic}

Enable or disable the ability to view survey results by non autorized user via direct link.

GET api/MySurveys/storeIPAddressInResult/{id}?accessKey={accessKey}&storeIPAddress={storeIPAddress}

Enable or disable the ability to view survey results by non autorized user via direct link.

GET api/MySurveys/deleteResult?accessKey={accessKey}&postId={postId}&instanceId={instanceId}

Delete the survey result. Use it to delete spam or test results.

GET api/MySurveys/deleteAllResults/{id}?accessKey={accessKey}

Delete all survey results. Use it to delete all tested results before running survey.

GET api/MySurveys/getResultColumns/{id}?accessKey={accessKey}

Returns the result Columns.

POST api/MySurveys/setResultColumns?accessKey={accessKey}

Change the result Columns.

GET api/MySurveys/getSurveyResults/{id}?accessKey={accessKey}

Returns survey results.